Geologists play a key role throughout the discovery, definition and mining processes. Understanding the geology and its control over mineralization is a key component in the successful development of a project through to its mining operation.

Throughout the life of a project, the timely and effective collection and storage of sound geological information on the size, orientation, grade, and geological environment of the deposit are of vital importance. ​Getting these right will deliver an effective and efficient exploration drilling program that aligns with a company’s strategic plan and can therefore add significant value to a mining project.

Geology, Exploration and Resource Modeling

Mining Prospection

Management of Exploration Projects

Compilation of Mineral Resource Reports in accordance with JORC and NI 43-101

Management and Supervision of Drilling Programs

Recruitment of Geological and Geotechnical Personnel

Geological Cartography (Geological Mapping)

Exploration Equipment Rental

Topographic Surveys with DRON

Geophysical Studies

Soil Sampling and Stream Sediment Sampling

Diamond Drilling

Exploration Reports (Competent Persons) According to JORC Standards and NI-43-101

4x4 Pickups and SUVs rental

Whether the strategy is to define an original resource or upgrade an existing resource for a conceptual mining study, T-Mining’s geology team has the practical experience of mining operations to know that the ultimate goal is to commercialize the deposit.

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